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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 25, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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got to the top of the tower, dressed in black and they were carrying, backpacks. >> reporter: not knowing if they were jumpers, graffiti artist or even terrorist multiple agencies responded including the delaware river port authority high angle rescue team, our cameras arrived in time to see officers climbing cables to arrest the suspect. officials say men's backpack contain photography equipment and they told police they were taking pictures from the top of the bridge, height of nearly 400 feet. >> at best it is stupid and reckless. >> reporter: andrew little bridge from toledo ohio and martin romero clark face third degree felony charges of criminal mischief and interfering with transportation. littlebridge father confirmed at rest and his son's instagram account to "eyewitness news". he says his son was afraid of heights but challenged to climb higher and higher as he explored photography. his instagram shows other photos taken from tall heights some bridge walkers were amazed at willingness to climb
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so high but didn't support actions. >> i think there is a value in trying to get art but, i think when you get risk and put people at risk, i don't know, it is the shame that high up. >> completely irresponsible. completely irresponsible. that you think, you are taking your life, you don't know holes is there or who else you are endangering. >> reporter: i reached out to boat graphers, neither one replied, they were released pending a future, court date, in camden. live from camden, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you for that. now an update on the story we have been following judge granted an injunction to stop all construction on sunoco logistics mariner east two pipeline in west goshen township. 350-mile pipeline will carry liquid natural gas from ohio and across pennsylvania to a processing facility in marcus hook, delaware county. issue now goes before the pennsylvania public utilities commission. west goshen township filed for
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the injunction after a complaint, over water service interruptions and other issues we're working on than this story and have a live report on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. breaking news right now "eyewitness news" has learned that allentown married he had pawlowski is expect to be indicted tomorrow, mayor pawlowski's attorney jack mcmahon says he will not know details of the indictment until it is unsealed tomorrow, but we do know the indictment is as a result of the lengthy grand jury investigation, you may remember fbi rated mayor pawlowski's office in 2015, we will continue to follow this still breaking story. a car crashed into a home in the cities rhawnhurst section sending the driver to the hospital, now authorities say that the elderly man who control of his vehicle and crashed in the house and two other vehicles. investigators believe that the driver may have suffered some sort of medical condition, prior to the crash. he was taken to aria torresdale hospital, his condition is unknown. on capitol hill a critical
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vote on health care today republicans in the senate advanced plans to repeal and replace the affordable care act. senator john mccain, traveled back to washington after being diagnosed with brain cancer and urged his collogues to work together. the senate is moving ahead with debate on obama care overhaul after tie breaking vote from vice-president mike pence. john mccain returned from arizona where he is being treated for brain cans tore cast a critical vote to begin the debate on the bill but said wow not support the bill in its current form. >> if this process ends in failure which seems likely then let's return to regular order. hold hearings try to report a bill out of committee with contributions from both side. >> reporter: majority leader mitch mcconnell implored fellow republicans to vote yes >> our constituents are hurting under obama care. they are counting on to us dot right thing, and right now. >> reporter: several senators remain on the fence until the last minute, with uncertainty
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about what versions of the bill would be in play, g.o.p. leadership need nearly every republican senator on board for any action on health care, and they only hold a slim majority and democrats are united in their opposition. >> it will certainly mean drastic cuts in medicaid, huge tax cuts for the rich, and no help for those with preexisting conditions. >> reporter: susan collins of maine and lisa mur cow ski of alaska were only two republican senators to join democrats in voting no. >> sink, protesters chanted as voting began and made their presence known all around the chap toll today. yes vote today kicks off 20 hour of debate on health care amendments, that debate is expected to last, all week with moderate and conservative republicans, at odd. over the legislation. meanwhile this afternoon president trump welcome lebanon prime minister, to the white house. >> lebanon is on the front
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lines in the fight against isis, anal kada, and hezbollah , lebanese people of all faiths are working together to keep their, you know this and we have been discussing this at great lengths, their country safe and prosperous. >> prime minister says that he hoped anti terrorism partnership between u.s. and lebanon will continue until the terrorist are defeated. today jared kushner faced more questions in the investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 election. president trump's son in law and senior advisor met behind closed doors with members of the house intelligence committee today. yesterday kushner met with senate staffers and released an 11 page statement, in it de he need any collusion with the russian government or knowing of anyone in the trump campaign, who did. >> i found him to be straightforward, forthcoming, and wanted to answer every question that we had, and was willing to follow-up on any
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questions that we can think ovulater. >> it was a productive obsession we had an opportunity to ask about a range of issues that the committee has been concerned about and we appreciate his voluntary willingness to come and testify today. >> kushner says he had four meeting was russians last year but insists he discussed nothing improper. water is restored in the fishtown neighborhood after a overnight water main break. streets were flooded this morning at frankford avenue and thompson street after an 8-t least 12 homes were without water for most of the day. crews said road should be repaired by tomorrow. it is day two of the eagles training camp at novacare complex and they all eyes were on the quarterback. >> sports director don bell joins us live from south philadelphia where carson wentz spoke to the media for the first time since the opening of the camp, db. >> reporter: good evening, guys. at this time last year you'll remember carson was a mystery. yes, he was number two overall selection but he was third string quarterback and now he
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is the franchise quarterback, as you mentioned, this is day two of the training camp and carson in full control. last year set an all time nfl rookie record with 379 completions and he broke five franchise record for rookie passer, so naturally is there a big difference between last off season and this off season . >> mentally the way approached it it is not so much of i whirl win. last summer i was just trying to wreath because it is a whirlwind off season. so mentally i'm in a way better place. i come in, and, you know, got to know what to expect, know routine and for me mentally it has been better for sure. >> one of the big stories this off season is about carson exhibiting his leadership, coming up later in the show in about i don't know 15 minutes or so leslie van arsdal will join me and we will talk more about wentz, and that leadership role. for now coming live from the
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know of care complex i'm don belfor cbs-3 "eyewitness news" >> looking forward to it, thanks, sir, indeed. here's an interesting question would you implant a micro chip in your body, if your boss asked you to. >> coming up next, new technology that can take the place of everything from id card to credit card, but, is your privacy at risk? our jim donovan explores the controversy. and teen driver, in jail after allegedly live streaming , a car crash, on instagram, a crash that killed the sister, of the tragedy unfolded in real time, on line and last orca whale born in captivity has died what animal activist are saying caused the baby's death coming up, chelsea. i'm tracking more storms by end of the week plus i'll let you know how long this cool weather sticks around in your full forecast up next.
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three month-old kiara was treat when her health declined monday in san antonio park, sea world has not said specifically what caused her death but animal rights activist believe a life span in captivity could to be blame >> with the death of this young animal tells thaws these animals cannot thrive in concrete tanks. postmortem is being conducted to determine exact cause of death, sea world plans to phase out orca program from 2019 but activist say this does little for 22 or cas in captivity. >> vatican decided to turn off its famous fountains for first time in recent history. hot and dry weather has triggered water shortage as cross italy, so vatican says it is taking measures to conserve water. vatican has around 100
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decoration and drinking fountains, they are located in st. peters square and vatican gardens. riders on the roller coaster in arkansas got a larger thrill then they bargained for when they were on their ride and it malfunctioned. x coaster got stuck for an hour yesterday leaving riders stranded, guests say it was so hot that workers had to climb up the ride to keep people hydrated, and this isn't the first time that the coasters broken down, 10 years ago the coaster stopped because of a power outage leaving riders stranded for 30 minutes. boys condition sin company claims it is first in the country time plant micro chips and most of its employees. dozens of employees of three square market have volunteered to have the new high tech chips implanted but three on your side jim donovan explains the tiny chips are also raising privacy concerns. >> reporter: next week more than 53 square market employees will have bionic hands with a credit card chip, implanted near their wrist. >> this is a serial number that is assigned to your
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credit card. >> the company is offering the chips which cost about $300 a piece to employees for free, the owner, todd wexby his wife and two children will be getting micro chipped. >> it is for entrance in the building, logging into computers, making purchases in the market, things of that nature. >> reporter: three square market makes vending machines with credit card chip readers which has experts wondering if this is all a publicity stunt. and use of micro chipping also raises concerns about privacy, could you be giving up too much of yours with a simple wave of your hand. >> he want someone, every time you enter or leave a room or use a copy machine, there is a degree of autonomy loss with this person to person, one to one tracking. >> you can never leave it behind. you can't turn it off. >> reporter: this same technology has been used for years, and help track loss pets, micro chip is about the size of the grain of rice, according to those who had one inserted it is about as
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painful as getting your ears pierced. okay, if you say so. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> i didn't like getting my ears peered. >> too many things, um-hmm. >> you know, i don't want to be the first one. let all of the kinks get work out. >> even though, i don't know about that. >> weather-wise we have had crazy weather over pennsylvania several days, severe weather, severe storms, we are not dealing with that in the overnight hours tonight finally a little bit of quiet weather heading our way more potential for weather as we head in the week. live look outside, in the kutztown area, we have a lot of cloud, cross the region today and a lot of cloud int kutztown but notice, it is dry , but wow, i mean soccer fields really green from all of that rainfall that we have had over the pennsylvania several days, rainfall on an order of inches in many spots. storm scan three tracking the cloud across the delaware valley, we're tracking a
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couple spotty showers across the region, perhaps some steady showers, moving through bucks county on into mercer county, and then couple spotty showers just south of philadelphia. this will be the theme as we head in the remainder of the evening hours tonight, we will have an isolated shower but mostly cloudy skies, will dominate as we head into tomorrow. 77 degrees in millville. we are unseasonably cool for this time of the year, 77 in cherry hill. seventy-three in atlantic city in the city we are at 75 degrees. right around 74 in palmyra and trenton. mount holy around 75. seventy-four allentown. seventy-four in quakertown. sixty's in mount pocono. right around 68 degrees currently in doyletown. we are cooler compared to this time yesterday, and anywhere from three to a full 13 degrees cooler in wildwood. dew points are lower then yesterday as well. we have dew points in the upper 50's in some spots and lower 60's for places like philadelphia, so that dew point change making things very comfortable today, more
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where that came from as we head into wednesday but by thursday and friday, we will notice things getting a little bit more steamy out there, by the end of the week, for sure. we will track some storms as well but just chance for isolated, shower as we head through the evening hours tonight, also into the overnight hours but mostly cloudy skies. as i mentioned will be dominating as we head into your wednesday morning. high pressure in control for the day on wednesday we're still dealing with the good amount of cloud cover that high moves off shore and makes room for warm front to push in by thursday and thursday night into friday we're tracking a cold front. this will be cold front that brings us potential for more strong to severe storms as we head into your thursday night and friday. we will watch for potential for more flash flooding because so many areas have received inches of rainfall so ground is very saturated and also some damaging winds will be possible, that is something we will keep a very close eye on. down the shore look for temperatures on the cool side tomorrow in the mid 70's, partly sunny skies, some sun
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followed by risk for evening storms as we head into thursday 81 for that high temperature and friday 84 degrees with storm chances, down the shore. your forecast for tonight 65, mostly cloudy, isolated shower can't be ruled out. tomorrow mostly cloudy, comfortable look for a high of 80 degrees. that is unseasonably cool this time of the year, average high is right around 87. your seven day forecast looks like this, we're watching for that potential for late day storms, as we head into thursday, high temperature on thursday right around 84 degrees, by friday 87. thunderstorms likely. we are looking at 86 on saturday. eighty-four sunday. weekend is looking fantastic and we are not looking at any extreme heat in the forecast over the next seven days. >> weekend too. >> yes, indeed. >> thanks, appreciate it. having a dog can be great for your health. >> that is new in the next half an hour, plus this. >> reporter: special honor for one of the philadelphia's native sons i'm cherri gregg
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and i'll tell you three ways first black man in space will get to see stars, thanks to his home town. carson wentz worked on his mechanics in the off season and he also worked on team bonding, leslie van arsdal will join me live from the novacare complex that story next in
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today we got to hear about a trick some of the players took to north dakota we remember hearing, little bits of that. >> few snapshots, don bell, leslie van arsdal joins us from the novacare complex with that story, hi there, gang. >> hi there guys, i will get they are in the whole lot of direct flights from philadelphia to fargo just a wild guess but somehow philadelphia eagles made their way to what we call upper midwest. >> well, it is probably not a top destination for summer vacations but yes, they went there, it is a lot of team bonding. that went well. the golf?
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not so much. he is face of the franchise and team's unquestioned leader so this off season carson wentz took several of his teammates back to his hometown in north dakota we got goodwin on the field there and our coach stayed on the field and new facility that they have. we went to the lake, we went golfing. it was kind of a disaster. >> i just, telling him to golf , i never golfed before. it is a good sport. >> fish out of water on the golf course most of them. i have never seen so many swings and misses but we had fun. >> reporter: his teammates also embraced the fargo food. >> i had my first bison burger that was probably one of the best i have ever had. if anybody goes to north day coat, fargo, go to a spot called hodo and get the bison burger you won't forget it. >> we went to the lake and got on jet skis and that was my first time on the jet ski in my life.
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when you clear to the water, it was just amazing. >> so carson showing his teammates a good time. now we know where to get a bi sonberg fur we're out there. >> you had me at bison burger. as soon as i heard burger i was all n we will get carson to get some of those shifts out here in philadelphia it would be nice. one of the other highlights today is defensive coordinator jim schwartz, a colorful guy, you talk about that as well. >> he always has something to say. >> always has something to say today he said a lot about the cornerback situation and guys, we will have that story live at 6:00. that is story from the novacare complex, leslie van arsdal i'm don bell back to you in the studio. i'm still shaking my head, four and a half hours for nine holes. >> math on that is in the great. >> talk bay survivor, coming up next, a 71 year-old hiker is alive after being stranded in the wilderness for almost a week. >> what she says she did to survive, the heroing ordeal. new on "eyewitness news"
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at 6:00, a man's mission interrupted, strand add long a chester county road as she delivered food to knows need. coming up a heart warming response we will tell you how the community came together to lend a h
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the news now continues at 5:30. here's what you need to no judge granted injunction stopping all drilling on sunoco's controversial natural gas liquid pipeline, throughout the state. the pennsylvania public utility commission will now hear the case. two men are facing several cases for climbing ben franklin bridge overnight, men went up there to take pictures and effort to remove the pair forced the officials to shut down the bridge traffic.
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also tonight a driver in callus facing charges after police say that shy live streamed the crash, that killed her own sister. >> good evening i'm jessica dean. aim ukee washington. correspondent maria villareal shows thousands unfolded in real time, on time and we want to warn you you may find the video disturbing. early in the mid ohio sanchez is seen driving without holding the steering wheel gesturing with one hand other holding her phone which she's using to live stream her drive on instagram. the car then veers off the road and then crashes, when two, 14 year-old girls in the back seat one of them her sister. >> jacqueline, please, wake up >> reporter: chp says sanchez was driving west on a two lane
5:30 pm
road when her car veered on the shoulder, she over correct and when pulling back on the road and crossed over through opposing traffic. she crashed through a bashed wire fence and her car flip. while sanchez was wearing a safety belt both passengers were not and they were eject from the vehicle. through it all she kept her camera rolling and her video, streaming. >> wake up, baby. wake up. >> reporter: her sister was killed and her sister's friend , was injured. >> she suffered cuts to her leg, arm, back, she recorded this video in the back seat just before the accident owe kurd. >> call me, yes. i do cry i think about her. but i will stay strong for her >> reporter: sanchez was arrested after police determined she was driving under the influence, her video remained on instagram at least 19 hours before the company took it down because of its
5:31 pm
graphic nature. >> incidents have been on the rise for the past 10 years. it is a disturbing problem because everybody knows how dangerous, distracted driving is. >> reporter: instagram says they want to interrupt any type of videos, i think in the sanchez situation and subsequent videos once they are reported to the company maria villareal, cbs news, los angeles. the uk judge presiding over case of charlie guard will decide tomorrow where and when the terminally ill baby will die. parents were back in court to make a case to take charlie home. question is whether charlie's ventilation tubes should be removed at the hospital in hospice or at home. the happies arguing that there is no doctor to oversee charlie's death at home. charlie's rare genetic condition and currently on life support. the life of entertainment wife frank sinatra has died. barbara sinatra passed away at her home in mirage, california the couple was married for 22
5:32 pm
years until frank sinatra's death in 1998. barbara sinatra was 90 years old. a 71 year-old woman and her dog are rescued after being stranded in washington's olympic national park for six days, she said that she went to the park to scattered her husband's ashes when she became disoriented and could not find her car. she said she took shelter under two logs, drank what th er from a nearby stream, and ate pine needles, fruit, and bugs to survive. eventually the coastguard rescued gear and her dog, throughout the entire ordeal she said that she never gave up hope. one of the philadelphia's own heroes is honored at city hall. colonel guy blueford was born and raised in west philadelphia and then went to be the first african-american in space. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio was there for today's celebration. >> reporter: colonel guyon blueford has always known that the sky is not limit. overbrook high and penn state
5:33 pm
grad glue up with the dream of becoming an air nautical engineer and he upped anti going to the air force and then joined nasa in 1978. in 1983, he defied more than gravity, when he became first african-american to go into spacing back not one or two, but three times. >> the view out the windows are spectacular. we do good work honor bit so i felt very honored to accomplish that. >> reporter: blueford retired from nasa in 1993, and even though his space flying days are over, his commendations. >> honor for him, for coming here today. >> i was nervous but i feel happy. >> reporter: fourth grader so i bishop was one of the dozen children that helped build this paper space shuttle, they studied blueford and along with kid from overbrook high and universal blueford charter they built philly native
5:34 pm
sunspace sped days at city hall learning lessons along the way. >> i learn to never give up. >> reporter: this exhibit will remain on display until august , colonel blueford will be onard at mann center as he is serenaded by philadelphia orchestra. >> i feel very honored to be, to be given the recognition that has been presented. >> reporter: recognition that will put him in front of the next generation so that they know if they can dream it, they can achieve it. >> reporter: and that the sky is just the beginning, at city hall, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the girl scouts went to see more woman in stem careers , the organization is adding 23 new badges related to science, technology, engineer, national and outdoors. now girl scouts can earn bodge es through activities like designing model race cars , writing code, programming robots, and going on environmentally conscious camping tricks. >> she rolled up her sleeve.
5:35 pm
>> that is ivanka trump read to go young girls at national museum of american history in washington today. she was joined by education secretary betsy devos. the first daughter and advisor to president trump encouraged students to get involved in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. sketch of the new york city sky line drawn by donald trump is going up for auction on thursday. it was created in 2005 long before mr. trump made his successful presidential bid. in the sister of the sketch is trump tower and picture includes his autograph written with a gold marker. opening bid is set for $9,000. as we continue tonight, still to come on "eyewitness news" where lyft riders are getting a lift to taco bell. and major update on football players and brain disease known as cte, what researchers found in the brains of more than 200, former players. and can you imagine getting $500 every week for
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the rest of your life. find out where an 18 year-old, scratched her way to a winning jackpot. chelsea. after several days of dealing with severe weather at times heading toward next weekend it is looking much calmer, but we will see plenty of sunshine, also dew points in check with humidity so it will feel very comfortable. look for sunshine and seasonal temperature, highs will generally be in the mid to upper 80's across the delaware
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earlier this year. it is best known for stiletto shoes, michael kors line is men for its handbags. a free taco may be in the future for some lyft riders, taco bill and lyft are teaming up to drive passengers to the nearest taco belfor a free taco before reaching their final destination. it is part of the ride sharing app new feature, taco mode, the service will begin on thursday in orange county, california, no word on if, and when, they will go nationwide. eighteen year-old florida woman has, salary for life, danielle a leon r u.s. won a pay dan on one dollar scratch off ticket. florida lottery said she played the game $500 a week for life. she had a one in 6 million chance of winning, instead of the taking lump sum she chose to receive her wings in annual payments, $26,000 a year, for the rest of her life. that is nice bonus there, at 18. >> just keep on scratching, as gust say, i think it is gust.
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welshing big news for rolling stones fan what keith richard revealed about the plans for new music. >> bex has her hot minute in just about 15
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and it is a, weekend of rain, thunderstorms but more could fire up later in the week. meteorologist chelsea ingram tells you when to be on the look out for thunder/ lightening in just a few minutes. check out this show from mother nature, what you are seeing is incredible video of massive thunderstorm cell, rolling over, east china the skies opened up there around sunset on friday, dumping a column of rain, and blacking the skies. walking a dog can be an effective way seniors can stay active. researchers found older dog walkers were more physically active on cold, winter days then non-dog owners were on sunny, warm days. researchers found that the people who didn't own a dog were sedentary for 30 more minutes a day then those who walk their dogs. you largest study to dayton former football players found evidence of a brain disease in nearly all of them.
5:45 pm
>> in tonight's einstein health care science center report health reporter stephanie stahl breaks down the very inportant details. >> reporter: research came out this afternoon. first of all this research covers former football players , who feared, that they had brain disease associated with repeated head injuries. researchers still don't know how common it is in football, generally, and they note that some players with multiple concussions, never developed this disease, so this study is limited but still, very come polling. they found evidence of the brain disease in nearly all of the 202 former football players examined, and that includes a combination of the high school, college, and professional players. it is biggest update on chronic traumatic cte, a disease linked with repeated blows to the head. >> first time that this comprehensive work has been produced in one place and it is a very important, critical finding.
5:46 pm
>> reporter: doctor depasquale clinical neuro psychologist as part of the moss rehab and einstein health says it can include memory loss, impaired judgment, aggression and depression. new research comes from boston university's ct e-center, examining brain tissue donated from deceased former football players. >> we are learning more and more about the long term consequences, of playing football. >> reporter: the impact was especially significant among nfl players, studied, cte was found in 99 percent of them. the disease confirmed only with an autopsy is mark by a build up of an abnormal protein in the brain that can disable, neuro pathways. >> this is not about one concussion or two concussions, this is about repeated exposure thousands and thousands and thousands of hits over a course of a career , that potentially lead to chronic traumatic even even self patty. >> reporter: nfl issued a statement saying these reports are important for advancing science related to head trauma , and after years of
5:47 pm
denials, the league recently agreed to a $1 billion settlement for former players who had accused the league of hiding the risk, and we should also say this research is continuing. >> indeed, wow. >> interesting. >> thanks, stephanie. energy company in china has turned what would have been a basic solar panel farm in the work of art. the energy group shaped 100 silver panels into the shape of, a giant and a company says it is first time any public relations -- public relations exercise, that emphasizes the lighter side of the world's, number two economy. chelsea ingram joins us now with your forecast and it is cooler. >> i know, yes. unseasonably cool weather out there. we're tracking a couple of showers that are moving in through this evening and it is overnight hours tonight but generally cooler and quiet for now, that will change as we head in the end of the workweek and we will talk about that, but, take a live look at outside we have got cloud around, cloud also
5:48 pm
helping to keep us cool, and temperatures have been checking in the 70's. we have been quiet through most of the day today and many of us have been dry throughout the entire day there are a couple of spotty showers and lets start off first with a look at our weather watcher temperatures: cher checking in the 70's at this hour, un seasonably cool weather for all of as you cross the delaware valley. we have jeromy blue bell says it is 77 degrees in his backyard. james in ocean city right around 76. milton, delaware gary says in his neighborhood it is right around 77 degrees. he had need chesterfield, new jersey checking in the mid 70 's as well, phil, in philadelphia at 74 where he lived and jim in media right around 73 degrees in his backyard. official high temperature today in philadelphia, 79 degrees, that is significantly below average for this time of the year, average high is right around 87. definitely was a cooler day out there and we have cooler numbers all across the delaware valley even on our
5:49 pm
current temperature map. seventy-five right now in the city. seventy-six in wilmington. seventy-six in reading. cooler in mount pocono, 63. seventy-four in allentown. seventy-two in trenton. right around 73. down the shore in atlantic city. we are cooler compared to 24 hours ago, on a order of around 3 degrees cooler in mount pocono, all the way to 13 degrees cooler then just 24 hours ago, down the shore in wildwood, so some cooler weather and it will stick around all the way through to tomorrow, not only are we cooler but we are less humid with dew points in the lower 60's in town, 59 in allentown. fifty-nine in mount pocono. enjoy this because it is going to start to get more steamy, not until the end of the workweek though. thursday, friday we will be feeling a little bit more of that steam factor but tomorrow , it will feel excellent out there with hugh mid check. now we're tracking those showers across the region no severe weather, things are quiet generally when talking about severe weather tonight, we will deal with a couple of
5:50 pm
spotty showers here and there, steady, and in places like south jersey and also up in mercer county near trenton, some steadier showers but things will be quieting down after about the midnight hour tonight, and in the cloud will dominate the sky, as we head into your wednesday morning. overall, wednesday is going to bring very quiet weather to the region, high pressure in control that will be swinging off shore though wednesday night and that will make room for warm front to move in as we head into your thursday and also a cold front by friday morning, so this is going to be the culprit that brings us that chance for potentially more strong to severe thunderstorms, also heavy rain will be a possibility we will watch for flash flooding but many areas already pick up multiple inches of rainfall but with the storms that we dealt with over past several days damaging wind gusts will be something we have to watch very closely for, as we head in the end of the workweek. down the shore 76 degrees for the high tomorrow, 81 on thursday, some sunshine followed by a late storm and
5:51 pm
that storm chance as we head into friday with a high temperature of 84 degrees. here's your forecast for tonight overnight will be cool 65 degrees, average low temperature is 70, mostly cloudy skies with an isolated shower heading in to tomorrow, mostly cloudy and comfortable forecasting a high temperature of 80 degrees, that is below average for this time of the year. below average numbers sticking around through thursday with a high temperature of 84 degrees , we will have the risk forstrom chance ovulate in the day, in thursday and 87 on friday with thunderstorms likely but partly cloudy on saturday, 84, sunshine, but weekend is looking spectacular at this point. >> we like it now thanks, chelsea that we do. this morning, cubs born at philadelphia zoo now woke up in oklahoma city with his family. >> this is zoya born july 10th and her mother rejected her so zoo keepers cared for the cubs but worried about her growing up without other tigers. so oklahoma sit zoo offered to
5:52 pm
add her to litter of tiger cubs that was born recently, and zoya is already making herself at home. zoya means life in russian. >> bond is back, still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight we have an official release date on the 25th film in the franchise. >> but who will play agent double zero seven what daniel craig is saying when we come back.
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♪ aaetna. you don't join us,up of joe tas itwe join you..t to us, from the time i was pregnant with him, had so much life and energy in him. he wanted out, and he wanted to conquer the world. right now, quinton's goal is to be a doctor. it's not easy being a single parent with three kids and having to provide for them. but my son will be an amazing doctor, and he'll help people that are less fortunate. no matter where you are in your college journey, sallie mae can help you find the money you need. justin beiber is apologizing for abruptly canceling his world purpose tour. it was supposed to wrap up in september. pop star says quote i have been on tour for two years and looking forward to just resting. beiber's representatives say tickets purchased for all of the cancelled dates will be
5:56 pm
refunded, two of the shows were scheduled at new jersey's met life stadium next movement well, very own meisha johnson was guest on wip sports radio this morning. >> host angelo cataldi decided since meisha was featured on the first cover for daily news singles series, he is making it his mission to find her a love interests. so hoe of the wip morning show tried to narrow down what meisha's looking for in a potential match. >> i just want a really good, normal guy, who can have a good normal body. >> dad bodies okay. >> all bods are cute. >> what is your position on facial hair. >> i love facial hair but if it is clean shave even that is either way goes too but i love a beard. >> meisha added she prefers someone at least 35 and must be smart, and shrivelry. there you go. you can't always get what you want unless you are looking for new rolling stones >> i see what you did there.
5:57 pm
>> they stumbled upon a multi million-dollar find, bex from our sister station 96.5 has those stories and more in today's hot minute. >> reporter: thanks, ukee and jessica keith richard reveals the rolling stones are working on original music for the first time in 12 years. rock and roll hall of famer confirmed the news saying that 2016 album of covers, gave the band, a boost of energy to keep making music. this will be their first new music since 2005 album, a bigger bang. finding a crumbled ten-dollar bill and old jeans is kind of alice cooper must be feeling, multiply by millions. while going through a storage locker he owned for the past 40 years, he stumbled upon an original red silk screen from warhol little electric chair series. piece was purchased in 74 for $2,500. what it is worth today, another painting in the series sold for 11.6 million-dollar.
5:58 pm
he is, back, bond, james bond, and the 25th franchise film has an official november 2019 release date and the big question is will daniel craig return following grueling scenes from the last film spector. craig speculatedd he may not. however will replace him, craig says, if they are looking for jane bond i got them covered. that is hot minute i'm bex for today's 96.5. >> another movie in the series , sean connry, the best, the best. >> yeah. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00, halted on a controversial pennsylvania pipeline. reason judge put a stop to it and what it means for resident moving forward. and danger long delaware river, two men are facing felonies for scaling ben franklin bridge, tonight we're learning what was behind the daring climb, and giving you a better idea of exactly how high up they were.
5:59 pm
also this. a man is stranded by the side of the road and end uptaking a detour, i'm anita o h how an 84 year-old who spent his life helping others got some help himself. i'm meteorologist chelsea ingram tracking evening showers but more storms by end of the week. we will have more storms in your full forecast. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. here's is what happening, pennsylvania pipeline plans, halted. crews told to stop drilling, on a controversial pipeline running right through our region. the mariner two project has been met with protest from his residents in our area for months now, and good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves is live with more on what this decision means, alycia. well, ukee and jessica, this is really a big win for environmental groups across
6:00 pm
the state and hard hit to sunoco, first part of that hit came yesterday when a judge ruled that in west goshen township pipe lon construction there had to be halted and today another such step in making the ruling on sunoco's pipeline construction, across the state. a major blow to the $3 billion cross state sunoco pipeline. >> it is absolutely a victory for everybody in pennsylvania who lives near route and has been harmed by sunoco's construction. >> reporter: alex bloomstein with the clean air council environmental group along with half dozen others were able to convince a pennsylvania judge today that the public does, in fact, need relief from the horrors on drilling method sunoco is using to construction their 360-mile long mariner two pipeline. >> drilling sunoco has done so far is unsafe and we have seen they cannot do it safely. >> reporter: over past year "eyewitness news" has reported on issues with sunoco pipelines in our region, just a few weeks ago we


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